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Seeing is a sense of touch.

Franklin Londin is a New York City based designer, 3D photographer and 3D animator. He has a BFA from New York University Film School. He builds 3D interactive displays, creates 3D effects animation for films and designs motion graphics. Franklin has worked on over 25 films in the past 25 years. Titanic and Spiderman2 both won Oscars for Best Visual Effects. And most recently he worked on Spiderman – Into the Spiderverse, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. His 3D interactive displays have been seen in the Getty Museum, the Chinese American Museum and the National Buildings Museum, as well as galleries and many outdoor events.

“I’ve always been a visual artist. From an early age I was creating graphics, shooting photography and creating animation. I strove to connect my inner and outer worlds. 3D photography was a way to capture qualities of light I experienced, and creating graphics and motion was a way to capture and express my inner states of mind. These mediums have occupied my imagination and creative spirit for my entire life. The endless forms in nature and the myriad manmade forms in architecture are the stuff of my art.

One of my interests and great joy has been to shoot underwater with dancers, models, belly dancers, yoginis, and with a pregnant woman. I delight in the gravity-free environment of a pool where models and fabric flow with effortless grace. It’s liberating and inspiring to be in such a playful, immersive state of being. Whether the final image is static or animated, it brings me great joy to create art and share it with the world.

I also have created a series of still and motion graphics on Instagram that I make in the middle of the night, when I can’t sleep. So much of life these days is filled with anxiety and dread. So in the wee hours, I grab my phone and create soothing geometries and animations that calm me and enable me to return to sleep. I call them my “Insomnia Series.” I hope they bring some measure of comfort and delight to all those who view them.”

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